Blue Water Desalination Whitepaper

PAGE 1 OF 4 BWDESAL.COM Over the last two decades, technological advancements have provided tremendous changes in the way boats are designed, outfitted and operated. Boats have increased in size, amenities and luxury while composite materials, advanced construction processes and propulsion technologies have increased speed and efficiency; allowing for greater range and improved comfort. One of the technologies making this possible are desalination systems—commonly known as watermakers. As units become easier to install and use, watermakers have become more and more prevalent and desired in sportfishing boats, sailboats and motoryachts alike. For mariners planning long-range cruising adventures and overnight fishing expeditions, large fuel supplies and efficient engines and generators mean less stops for provisioning. However, most boats and yachts only factor a couple hundred gallons or less for freshwater storage. To ensure your water supplies can keep up with your travel plans without forced rationing, marine watermakers have become a valuable tool. Watermakers utilize reverse osmosis technology to convert salt water or fresh water into pure water that is almost completely devoid of minerals. Ensuring Near-Endless Pure Water at the Dock and Afar

PAGE 2 OF 4 The water produced by a high quality watermaker is soft, making it great for washing and bathing, is also drinkable, and great for washing down your boat after a day of catching billfish or island hopping. A high quality watermaker can produce water that is more pure than dock water or other municipal supplies. This pure water is much gentler for when washing and rinsing your topcoat, brightwork, canvas and enclosures. Plus, your ice machines will benefit from the soft, lowmineral content water. Even top cruising destinations around the globe have become known for having poor water quality at the dock. Installing a cutting-edge marine desalination unit aboard your boat means you no longer have to pay for, or use the poor quality dock water. While it is clear that water produced from a marine desalination system provides many benefits over the water you may fill your tanks with currently, the biggest benefit of a watermaker on board is ensuring

PAGE 3 OF 4 BWDESAL.COM you never run out of water. Rationing water during an offshore fishing campaign, longpassage or extended cruising can add a layer of anxiety to the adventure. One solution many crews and owners accept is packing additional freshwater in jugs, bottles and tanks, which quickly adds more weight, consumes storage space on board and results in more trash. Investing in a cutting-edge watermaker from Blue Water Desalination (BWD) alleviates the anxiety of rationing water, while freeing up space and debris. Plus, the water produced by a watermaker is usually far superior to what your accustomed to adding to the tanks. Like any boat system or technology, regular maintenance is required to ensure optimum performance of your watermaker system. Blue Water Desalination simplifies the maintenance by incorporating a one-touch operation Fresh Water Flush into every watermaker model we offer. The Fresh Water Flush ensures the maximum life of the reverse osmosis membranes is achieved by limiting biological growth in the filters and membranes so that your product water is as clean as possible. Many pre and post filtration options are available— including commercial-grade 5- and 20-micron filters, oil water separators, plankton filters and a product water UV sanitizer. Consumables for all BWD watermakers are affordable and easily attainable regardless of your location thanks to our impressive and ever-growing global dealer and service network. Plus, when it comes tomaintenance, our systems are designed for simplicity for the owner-operator. BWD’s authorized dealers are experts at watermaker installation, placing service components within easy reach in the mechanical space of your boat. Most BWD units are available with an optional wired remote, making operation of the watermaker a simple reach from the helm or wherever you install the remote. With over 100 combined years of team experience in reverse-osmosis industries, Blue Water Desalination is proud to offer next evolution marine watermakers and personalized support to customers worldwide. BWD has considered every detail to design and manufacture the best watermakers on the planet. Available in compact and modular configurations with production capabilities ranging from 200 to 3,400 gallons per day (GPD), our desalinators are a vital tool in obtaining your freedom afloat. Our team is committed to providing world class customer experiences to complement our range of cutting edge watermakers. Through nearly 100 dealers and service centers across the globe, Blue Water Desalination can provide direct and individualized support for customers with watermaker maintenance inquiries.

PAGE 4 OF 4 Led by industry veteran Chris Rollins, boasting over 35 years of marine desalination experience, Blue Water Desalination debuted three distinct lines of marine desalination systems at the 2014 Miami International Boat Show. Innovation through the years since includes commercial-sized and superyacht systems, notably a pair of Explorer LX 2,600 GPD watermakers joined by two BWD 2,800 GPD ClearMate Ultra-Pure water systems installed aboard the 190’ (58 meter) Trinity Yachts, M/V Skyfall. This is only one example of several megayacht installations for BWD, however most of our owners wish to remain anonymous. Further advancements include ultra-pure water systems that can filter dock water and sea water, along with a portable unit for use at the dock to purify municipal water supplies. At the time of BWD’s launch in 2014, our cutting-edge watermakers easily leapfrogged the competition. The Legend’s industry-leading 7-inch touchscreen control panel, and fully automatic operation gave the newcomer an edge, and continuous upgrades and improvements have kept BWD at the forefront of the marine desalination segment. Further innovations include the XT series of fully automatic watermakers featuring a simplified controller. Aside from the optional wired remote availability, the BWD Legend series watermakers include NMEA 2000 integration for seamless monitoring and operation. In addition to a commitment to offer boats large and small with superior product innovations and unparalleled quality, BWD realizes that products are only as good as the customer service and technical support available to users. BWD’s customers and dealers benefit from the team’s deeply rooted product knowledge and an unwavering commitment to provide exceptional customer experiences. Our online watermaker configurator tool makes it easy to spec a new unit for your boat and our friendly sales team and dealership network is prepared to answer all your questions and support you far beyond the sale and installation of your watermaker. BLUEWATERDESALINATION.COM Tel: 1 (562) 426-2412 Email: [email protected]