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Pure Water

NEW! Legend ClearMate

Ultra Pure Water
From either Seawater or Dock Water


Commercial Systems

Cutting-edge desalination systems now available for commercial vessels.

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Marine Desalination Systems

Legend LX Watermaker

Legend LX

World’s 1st Fully Automatic Megayacht/Commercial Grade Watermaker

Explorer LX Watermaker

Explorer LX

Semi-Automatic Commercial Grade Watermaker with capacities up to 3,400 GPD

Legend Clear Mate

Legend ClearMate

Developing Ultra-Pure Water from Seawater or Dock Water

Legend Series


Fully Automatic with Capacities Ranging fro 475-1850 GPD



Semi-Automatic – 475-1800 GPD

Express XT Watermaker

Express XT

“Set It and Forget It” One Touch Operation



Semi-Automatic – 200-800 GPD

Clear Mate

Clear Mate

Efficient Fresh Water Filtration System

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