Yacht Watermakers

Blue Water Desalination offers eight distinct lines of watermakers to suit the needs of the most discerning mariners, from the day fisherman up to the long-range sailor and transoceanic yachtsman. Within the eight lines, we offer dozens of models of varying capacities in both frame and modular style configurations.
Legend LX
The LEGEND LX series is the world’s first fully automatic Megayacht & Commercial size watermaker. The Legend LX offers one-touch operation and continuous monitoring to maximize product water production and quality through the 7″ full-color touch screen, which provides an intuitive interface between the user and the system. The Legend LX is available in capacities ranging from 2,100 gallons per day up to 3,400 gallons per day (7,950 LPD to 12,870 LPD).
The LEGEND series features the latest in watermaker control technology with its industry leading 7” full color icon driven touch screen controller and capacities ranging from 475 gallons per day up to 1850 gallons per day (1,800 LPD to 7,000 LPD). All Legend series systems use the same pump and motor assemblies and are fully upgradeable.
The EXPLORER LX series offers semi-automatic operation in a wide range of capacities to fit the needs of most large yachts and commercial vessels. The system is operated by traditional switches and a manually adjusted back pressure regulating valve and a LCD display indicates product water salinity and system status. The Explorer LX is available in capacities ranging from 2,100 gallons per day up to 3,400 gallons per day.
Express ClearMate
NEW! The EXPRESS CLEARMATE combines two of Blue Water Desalination’s efficient watermaker systems into one convenient package. This compact unit produces ultra-pure water from either seawater or dock water with the touch of a button. Rated production from seawater ranges from 750 to 1,800 GPD (2,480 LPD to 6,810 LPD) and from 1,000 to 2,600 GPD (3,785 LPD to 9,840 LPD) from dock water.
Explorer Watermaker
The EXPLORER series offers a more traditional mechanical control system combined with constant electronic monitoring of key system functions. Like the Legend, the Explorer is available in capacities starting at 475 gallons per day ranging up to 1800 gallons per day and are fully upgradeable.
Express XT Watermaker
The EXPRESS XT series features fully automatic operation with capacities of up to 33 gallons per hour (126 liters per hour). These units were designed to fit into the tight spaces of small and mid-sized yachts. The one-touch operation makes the Express XT series ideal for applications where it is difficult to access the watermaker while the vessel is underway.
Express Watermaker
The EXPRESS series features the same mechanical control systems and electronic monitoring as the Explorer but in a smaller package suitable for the tight spaces of smaller and mid-sized yachts. The Express is available in capacities ranging from 200 gallons per day up to 800 gallons per day.
All Blue Water systems feature: family photo

  • Fresh Water Flush system
  • High Rejection membranes
  • Quiet and reliable high pressure pumps
  • Product water Carbon filter
  • Dual voltage 50/60 Hz motors
  • Stainless steel booster pump shaft
  • Designed for ease of service & maintenance
  • Installation kit including bronze sea strainer
  • No charge upgrade to Commercial Pre-filter**
  • No charge Oil/Water Separator assembly available**

** When ordered with a system

All systems are also available in modular, customizable component versions and we offer a full lineup of filters, remotes, fluids and other accessories.