Efficient Fresh Water Filtration System

Blue Water’s new ClearMate fresh water reverse osmosis system utilizes the same technology as the Blue Water Desalination seawater reverse osmosis systems to provide ultra-pure water. The ClearMate softens the feed water and removes up to 99% of the remaining dissolved solids to allow for spot-free rinsing of your yacht. Our ClearMate models can provide up to 2,800 Gallons per Day (10,600 LPD) of Ultra-Pure water.

Clear Mate Spot-free Rinse
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Quiet Operation
  • Components can be separated for a modular installation
  • Removes up to 99% of Total Dissolved Solids in feed water
  • Digital LCD controller displays water quality, faults and an hour meter
  • Can be fed off of dock water or an existing seawater desalination system
  • Compact Design
  • Stainless steel vane pump
  • 12 gauge 316 Stainless Steel tank
  • Simple Operation
Model #Feed SourceProduction / hourProduction / 24 hourRun Amps (110V / 220V)Weight (lbs. / kg.)
CM 1000Dock Water or existing Seawater R.O. System42 Gal / 158 L1,000 Gal / 3,785 L10.4A / 5.2A90 / 41
CM 2000Dock Water or existing Seawater R.O. System83 Gal / 315 L2,000 Gal / 7,570 L10.4A / 5.2A115 / 52
CM 2800Dock Water or existing Seawater R.O. System117 Gal / 442 L2,800 Gal / 10,600 L10.4A / 5.2A130 / 59
Superyacht Skyfall
BWD ClearMate on Skyfall