Clear Mate

Efficient Fresh Water Filtration System

Blue Water’s new Clear Mate fresh water reverse osmosis system utilizes the same technology as the Blue Water Desalination seawater reverse osmosis systems to provide ultra pure water. The Clear Mate softens the feed water and removes up to 99% of the remaining dissolved solids to allow for spot free rinsing of your yacht. Our Clear Mate models can provide up to 3,000 Gallons per Day (11,356 LPD) of Ultra Pure water.

  • Low Power Consumption
  • Quiet Operation
  • Components can be separated for a modular installation
  • Removes up to 99% of Total Dissolved Solids in feed water
  • Digital LCD controller displays water quality, faults and an hour meter
  • Can be fed off of dock water or an existing seawater desalination system (LFM2D only)
  • Compact Design
  • Stainless steel vane pump
  • 12 gauge 316 Stainless Steel tank (LFM2D only)
  • Simple Operation
Model #Feed SourceSS TankProduction / hourProduction / 24 hourRun Amps (110V / 220V)Weight (lbs. / kg.)
LFM2SDock Water OnlyNo83 Gal / 315 L2,000 Gal / 7,570 L10.4A / 5.2A90 / 41
LFM2DDock Water or existing Seawater R.O. SystemYes83 Gal / 315 L2,000 Gal / 7,570 L10.4A / 5.2A115 / 52